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Speakout Pre-intermediate Video Podcast Unit 10 Society Living in the city or countryside

CITY LIFE H = Hina W1 = 1st woman etc. M1 = 1st man etc.

H: I've always enjoyed living in cities. I like the mix of people and all the
different things that you can do. Not everyone feels like me, though. Some people prefer the peace and quiet of the country. How about you? Do you enjoy city life?

M1: No, absolutely hate London. Much prefer the country.

W1: Yes, I love city life. I mean, London’s such a vibrant, active city. There's always lots of things to do.

W2: Where I live is very, very central and it's inner city. So it's what I'm used to
and I enjoy that I can get everywhere really easily.

W3: I enjoy it. It’s a - it suits me. I think it suits my personality.

W4: I really enjoy living in London. It's a great place to be. There’s lots of people around, lots of things happening. Where I live, there’s lots of art shows, and photographers.

M2: I do like city life. I think London especially is very vibrant, and there’s always something going on.

H: What are the good things about living in a city?

W1: London is such a large city. You know, you can never tire of it, really.

W4: I think there's always something to do. Always something to go and see. And
there are lots of events and culture, and you can never be bored.

M1: Obviously culture. I live right next door to the Globe Theatre, the Tate Modern so … theatre is terrific. Huge choice of restaurants, of course.

W3: The good things about living in the city is, the tube, which is really amazing. It's cheap and it's really frequent.

M2: I think transport is one of the best things. The fact that you can live,
probably miles away from your friends - and you can all sort of, get to the same place fairly easily, and fairly quickly.

W2: You're so central. Everywhere’s close at hand, there's always lots of people around so you feel quite safe.

H: What are the main problems in cities?

M1: Traffic is horribly congested.

W1: Sometimes it can be difficult to get round the city quickly, and that can be

W4: I think there's always very much of a go-go attitude- that you have to be on the
go the whole time. And there isn’t the time just to chill out or take time out. And if you're not doing something, you're missing out.

W3: The main problems I'd say, are probably crime, and just not feeling safe.

W2: I think the crime. I think that the crime’s a huge problem in city life.

M2: I think that we should be trying to encourage more sort of green transport
so, cycling, and encouraging people to walk, and use their cars less.

W3: I think there’s not much that you really can do about crime. Because I think it's a social issue. So if people are - you have to, kind of, address why people are committing crimes before you can do anything about it. W4: I think a city’s a city. You either want to live in a city or you want to live in the countryside, or by the sea. And I think it’s your choice.

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